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For some time there have been curved Fabric roof kits for shipping containers.
But for some reason it seems no one offered a Steel container Roof kit.
When I realized this, being in the steel building business, I started to offer a kit in steel.
As it turned out it’s actually not more expensive than Fabric (seems the fabrics used are quite expensive)
And it’s guaranteed for 20 years (instead of typically 5 for fabric)
In addition the steel container roof kits can be properly structurally engineered to meet even Cyclonic conditions.

Since then just about everyone who sees a PodRoof or a picture of one has the same reaction.
“What a great idea !”

So now we are working really hard to make the PodRoof container roof kit available worldwide.

And now we want others to help market the PodRoof in other countries.
Maybe you ? Or someone you know ?

Happy Podding.
Phil Dorman
MD Wattagan Innovations P/L