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Not a Fabric roof. Real Steel
Engineered up to Cyclonic standards
Just locate the containers, put it on and you’re done !

We can now produce these kits to ANY width up to 22 metres

A PodRoof shipping container roof is a great way to get Cheap, Quick yet Permanent storage and shelter with better lock up security than a conventional building yet can still be disassembled and re-erected if need be.
  1. Designed and Engineered for all wind cases including full Cyclonic conditions.
  2. Can be erected without in ground footings if sufficient weight in the containers.
  3. Roof attaches to the Container Pin points only. No Welding, Drilling* or Cutting and no damage to containers.
  4. All frame components pre punched ready to just Bolt Together
  5. Easily marketed when sold with a shipping container sale. Ships in the container.
  6. Ends can be partially enclosed. An extra container fits across the end.
  7. Gambrel design gives high clearance for trucks and machinery.
  8. For 40ft containers just use two kits or more end to end.
  9. All bolted High Tensile Galvanized Steel frame which can be disassembled, transported in a container and re-assembled.