Now ! Finally, a full Steel solution to roofing between shipping containers. Get a Quote now

The PodRoof shipping container roof kit gives you all weather protection for your shipping containers as well as a good covered area between! A PodRoof shipping container roof is a great way to get fast and economical permanent storage and shelter with better lock up security than a conventional shed yet it can still be disassembled and re-erected if need be.
All the components of the standard sized shipping container kits will also fit inside a shipping container for transport when disassembled.

All our shipping container roof kits are produced to our specifications at your local Lysaght Bluescope branch.
With branches all over Australia Lysaght can generally deliver to you on one of their standard delivery runs which eliminates the delays and costs of shipping from one central location. In addition we also send a smaller shipment of components via TNT transport.

Options include Guttering, Full range of Colorbond colours, Extension roof to cover the containers when the roof is Inner Mounted.

Unlike Fabric covers the PodRoof needs no maintenance or adjustment and the cladding is guaranteed for at least 20 years.

And best of all we can supply your PodRoof kit to Any Width you require. Up to 22m span in either the High Clearance Gambrel style or standard Gable format.
Because we custom make your kit to your requirements we don’t really have set prices however you can check out the Examples page to get an idea.
Price wise the Podroof is generally between the cost of a low quality fabric kit and a top quality fabric cover.

Not a Fabric roof. Real Steel.

Engineered and guaranteed for 20 years

  1. Width between the containers can be anything from 6m (20ft) up to a maximum of 22m.
    Just tell us what space you want and whether you want the containers covered (outer mount) or exposed (inner mount)
  2. Height Depends on Span chosen and the Style (Gable or Gambrel)
    The Gambrel has much more clearance but the Gable gives a low snug fit if you don’t need the high clearance.
  3. Length of each kit is 20ft (6m). For 40ft containers just use two kits.
    Any number of kits can be connected end to end on any combination of 20ft and 40ft containers.
    There are no joins in the roof sheeting where the kits connect together
  4. Delivery is INCLUDED for eastern states major population areas. Average 2 weeks from order.
    SA, WA & NT and remote sites a bit extra.
    Your kit is actually produced at your local Lysaght branch and shipped from there
  5. Engineered for your specific Wind Region, Category and Usage.
    From Region A to Full Cyclonic
  6. Footings can be either Piers or Ballast (weight inside the containers) or Ground Screw Anchors.
  7. Council Approval is an easy process if required. Our engineering certification will satisfy any authority.
  8. Attaches to the Container Pin mounting points only. No damage to containers.
    Can be used on Rental containers
  9. Enclosed ends are available with doors if required. Just ask.
  10. Materials. All bolted High Tensile Galvanised Steel frame which can be disassembled, transported in a container and re-assembled.
    Standard Lysaght Trimdek roof sheeting available in all Colorbond colours.
  11. Guarantee from Lysaght for 20 years on all roof and frame components.